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BJJ TV – Grappling Dummies Debut!

December 9, 2008

I made an “instructional” – more like funstructional – along with Matt of Martial Farts fame. The final product is the following vid and all credit goes to Matt for putting the whole thing together especially with his hectic schedule. Thanks Matt!

I must say that I’m very pleased with our first run at it. Matt has plans to make more of these, not only techniques, but also addressing different aspects of jiu-jitsu here in Japan as well as documenting our skills at mastering that damn balance ball. One day, I swear…

I’m glad there was a lighthearted spirit to vid – we’re goofing off to begin with and really didn’t see this as us putting ourselves out there as authorities on jiu-jitsu. I mean we’re only blue belts, right? Though I’m sure even if we were purple belts it’d be exactly the same – except we’d be much more articulate. Plus I do a mean Lesner impression. Hiya!

When we do, uh, do another funstructional, I want to show more linky techniques or more options from other positions that’ll hopefully be useful to beginners. Actually, that’s what I’ve been doing now when other people ask me for a technique from so-n-so position. I show one technique then I show them a follow up technique.

Speaking of techniques, the one I showed off in the vid isn’t really a technique. It’s pre-positioning.

Roy Dean addresses pre-positioning and it’s importance. And it really does make a difference.

Because I’ve pre-positioned myself, I’ve already set up my technique. All I need to do is wait for the right conditions and follow through. This can be applied to any technique in the jiu-jitsu syllabus.

Oh, and a disclaimer. That particular pre-positioning point I don’t do anymore for several reasons.

One – my sparring partners know how to nullify or work around that sitting knee-up position.
Two – I’m using a lot more standing passes now.
Three – thanks to that sitting position, my timing has gotten a lot better and I can safely say I can pull off the sliding knee pass when the opportunity presents itself, even from a standing position, so I don’t need to sit down anymore.

“P-Dawg” AUWTAH!

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