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Paraestra – Dec 9th

December 10, 2008

As usual, there was a large group of people at Paraestra Hakata. Lots for shooto. More for jiu-jitsu. My fellow grappling dummies – Matt-o “Sir Taps-a-lot” and Sam “White Snake” – were there as well. Loads of fun.


  • Ide-san (who’s now a first degree purple) has a knack of letting his sparring partners know they’re doing something wrong by giggling. It’s either the most effective way of discreet coaching or the most disheartening. When we rolled for the round robin match, he didn’t giggle but still managed to pass my guard rather easily.
  • Matt and I rolled with the same tough white belt – of course not at the same time – and I have a feeling that Matt’s the higher skilled jiu-jitsu guy. His match was fluid and smooth, and he had multiple submissions on the white belt. I, on the other hand, got kneed in the head – twice – got smashed up against the wall for the entire match and escaped side-control only by tossing the white belt head first into the corner of a doorway way.
    Ah… good times.
  • It’s official. I’m training with a full blown wrist injury. It hurts to plant weight on it. It hurts to even do a simple push up. It just hurts. I have to use a very cool looking wrist supporter with velcro straps and a thumb loop to secure it in place when I spar now. It changes my game too. Next time I roll I can’t depend on my grips or collar chokes, nor can I defend a guard pass by pushing away with my arms (not like I did that on a regular basis anyway).
    Whee! Injuries are fun!
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    1. December 10, 2008 11:08 pm

      That wrist supporter *was* cool though, dude.

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