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Paraestra – Dec 13th

December 14, 2008

Why is it I can roll with two bigger, stronger and highly skilled guys for 6 minutes each, go at a high pace, not get submitted, threaten with my own submissions and not feel good about that?

And yet why can I roll with someone my size to help him train for his tournament this month and tap out because he twisted my injured wrist as he was working a Kimura and feel totally like crap?

Well, I do.

That’s what happened Saturday morning at Paraestra.


  • The first guy I rolled with was very strong. He stopped my armbar attempts by scooping me up with his free arm and tackling me into the corner of the wall, next to the picture windows of the academy. Lucky there was a punching bag there on the ground to cushion my fall and the sound my body made upon impact.
  • Afterwards I rolled with a rather large one-stripe blue. Out of all the sparring partners of the day, rolling against him was lots of fun. I think he liked the fact that I put him some dangerous spots despite being smaller than him. Also we were quite vocal during our match, adding commentary on ourselves as we made errors. Imagine the Japanese equivalency of “Woohoo!” followed by “D’oh!” throughout an entire sparring round. I should point out that this first degree blue belt is someone the guy entering the tournament this month would rather not spar against.
  • Finally, the guy entering the tournament this month is a blue belt my height and in my weight class. I’ve rolled with him before and he has this weird obsession for sparring at 100%. Which is cool and all, but I don’t think he learns much from his sparring matches other than the fact that he let someone pass his guard. Really, once he’s got someone in his guard he doesn’t let go. I’ve seen purple belts scratch their heads in his guard, and it probably is them thinking “damn, you mean I actually have to work to get out of this guard?” Of course, being purple belts means they have to work hard, which just means he works even harder to keep his legs closed.
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    1. December 15, 2008 8:47 pm

      I wonder who the fun one-stripe blue is?
      And Tomari-san calls the last guy “Danshoku”, the baron. He’s nuts. I’ve choked him into unconsciousness twice without even realising because he is so stubborn. Hope your wrist improves before tomorrow dude!

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