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Training Tips – Relax

December 16, 2008

Ross Enamait once again addresses a crucial point in sports combat training and, surprisingly, mirrors what I’ve always heard when I first began training in the martial arts and think about when it comes to sparring in jiu-jitsu.

This phenomenon (of spending too much energy) often hinders novice fighters. These athletes train feverishly in the gym. They train long hours and can never figure out why they fatigue so quickly inside the ring.

These athletes are often too tense. They are unable to relax and operate freely. Instead, they become tense whenever their opponent moves, feints, punches, etc. They cannot operate under those circumstances mentioned in Bradley’s text (ie. achieve relaxation of uninvolved muscles).

So if you really like sparring, and would like to spar more, relax.

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  1. December 17, 2008 11:03 pm

    Relax. I SAID RELAX!
    (Arnie, Terminator 3.)

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