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BJJ – Dec 15th & 16th, Grappling Dummies vol.2

December 18, 2008

Not much happened at Teppo Ebi on Monday. Went through a ton of drills and watched everyone else spar from the sidelines. Wanted to rest my injured wrist up for Tuesday at Paraestra.

Tried my hand at coaching from the sidelines in Japanese. Really simple stuff like, “be careful” or “you can escape”. Can’t wait until the day when I can say, “grip behind his nearside knee and push him over at a 45 degree angle” but that’s a far ways off.

Whenever my friend Brent sparred, except when he went against Hiromatsu-kun, I coached whoever Brent was up against. I also coached Ogata-san and Kimura-san and another guy (I forgot his name) as they where my drilling partners for the first hour of training, and when they fought against each other I just shouted random Japanese sayings.

Then at Paraestra I went through the round robin pretty quickly. I opted not to push away at the large bodies passing my guard with my arms and instead to use as much as my legs as possible for guard control. Ha! Boy, did that suck.

Also when I was in someone’s closed guard I really couldn’t push away either so I ended up waiting a lot of times for an armbar or triangle and then passed when they gave me the opening.

I sparred twice. I tried not to use my injured wrist as much as possible but I kept going on auto-pilot and worked on collar chokes and sweeps and before you know it, I’m posting my weight on my injured wrist and at the end of the round it’s had enough of my rough treatment and it started to tell me how much it disliked being used.

I used a new sticky Japanese Icy-hot patch when class was over and surprisingly by the time I got home my wrist was fine. Hmmm…

Oh, the new episode of Grappling Dummies is out! You don’t see me onscreen, but I cameo as “the narrator” and doubled up as “the camera man” for the second volume.

Hopefully, one day you’ll get to see me roll and notice how much of a lazy BJJer I am. Sam “White Snake” has better and far more exciting rolls than I do. Really. Here’s the section of the episode with “Sir Tapsalot” tapping someone out a lot.

Tuesday at Paraestra was more of the same from Matt. He did a beautiful and a so-smooth-it-was-highlight-reel-smooth scissors sweep to mount to armbar that I wished we got on tape. Sam and I stood there with mouths like canyons, and eyeballs popping out. Then we exchanged a look like “somebody’s gonna have to change their nickname”.

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