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Training Tips – Injuries pt.1

December 24, 2008

My large black looping wrist protector

Since I currently have an injury (my left wrist, but my right knee is starting to give me trouble from time to time) what better time to talk about training with injuries.

Depending on the severity of the injury, if it’s really bad, you should see a doctor and take some time off from jiu-jitsu. Take care in recovering. Don’t get re-injured. The goal is to get back in full fighting form fast.

Simple, huh?

However if you feel the pull of jiu-jitsu too great to resist and you decide to train with an injury… practitioner beware! The chances of having an even worse injury than what you started with are very good.

But the beauty of jiu-jitsu is that you can still practice and improve at it, and remain perfectly safe. As compared to other martial arts. Here’s how:

Slow Roll
Spar at a lower intensity and at a slower speed than usual. It may not be as fun or you may not get the workout you wanted to but you can still work on your jiu-jitsu, body positioning, weight placement, and see the details you’d miss if you were rolling at super sonic speed.

Spar with the “Good” Not the “Bad”
Find the non-agressive guys or girls in your school. You know, the ones that don’t go into Spartian Death Battle mode each time it’s open mat. The calm ones. The ones that are looking at and around their sparring partners during their matches. Approach them, tell them you want to spar for a few rounds with them. And, most importantly, tell them about your injury and to avoid submissions that would aggravate the injury. The “good” ones are the ones that are actively thinking during their sparring matches and they’re the ones most likely to remember you have an injury.

Do only drills. Think drills are boring? Ha! Only if you let them be. Here’s an example: Work that new pass you learnt about last week. On both sides. As fast as you can. As slow and technical as you can. Ten times each. Do that same pass and get to mount.  Ten times.  On both sides.  Have your partner stand up. Work a takedown then do that same pass. Do that ten times. On both sides. Do that same pass then go to a submission. Do that ten times. On both sides. Congratulations, you just drilled a pass 100 times. I guarantee you the next time you spar, that pass will be sweet.


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