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Fresh New Look & New Year’s Resolutions

January 3, 2009

Figured since it’s a new year thought I’d give my blog a new look. And here’s a few of my resolutions for jiu-jitsu next year.

  • Swim with all the Big Fish
  • Non-stop Rolling
  • Get a New Competition Regulation Gi
  • Scenario Drilling
  • First up is “Swim with all the Big Fish”

    Simple enough. If there’s a purple belt there, I’ll ask them to roll with me. If they’re obviously bigger than me, I’ll seek them out and roll with them.

    And, of course, I’m going to roll with whoever asks me. Even if I’m tired. I feel the need to challenge myself and I think rolling with people who should obviously “beat me” is one way to push my limits. That or I’ll just get beat up all the time, which should do wonders for my self-esteem.

    Next is “non-stop rolling.”

    I want to see if I can spar without pausing to take a break. I mean, being active, like that dance song “keep on moving… like the hands of time”. I think it was a 90s song. If not I just relax and stay on my back, and that usually happens more often than not whenever someone passes my guard and I end up on bottom side-control. Also I wait for them to give me space, rather than trying to create space.

    I’m gonna see if I can push my conditioning, all the while hoping to stay away from using my strength (ha! Like I’m strong to begin with), and keep in mind to roll light and loose.

    Don’t know how far I’ll get with that. I’m lazy.

    The “new competition regulation gi” may seem to be an easy resolution to fulfill but you wouldn’t think it during competition time. Everybody gets their gi checked here and it’s very strict. I’ve seen my friends and fellow jiu-jitsu practitioners run around like chickens trying to find replacements among friends and schoolmates and club members.

    There were a bunch of gis at Isami (best martial art goods shop in Fukuoka!) that I wanted to pick up but stopped as I wasn’t sure if the sleeves were large enough. Then I thought to wait before I dropped cash on a shiny fresh-smelly gi.

    And this gi will be a special one for me. I want to make it my “fast and furious” gi customizing it with a turbo kit, intercooler and bunch of patches to reflect my stay here in Japan.

    The last is “scenario drilling.”

    It’s something that I didn’t come up personally. I’m not a flash of inspiration kind of guy. The concept of it is out there, long before I clicked the “publish” button. But I’ll be happy to take credit for the term (though not very original), unless someone came up with it first.

    Anyway, there’s a glimpse of scenario drilling here (in my funky super drilling example), but this post is where I came up with the nifty name for it. It’s drilling with a storyline.

    The great thing about this is that it’s “student centered” learning. (See, I actually learned about real teaching methods here in Japan) I get to decide what technique I want to focus on (triangle), what other techniques I want to link it to (elbow escape) and how it plays out (partner passes my guard, establishes mount/side-control, elbow escape and I’ll finish with the triangle).

    The elbow escape to triangle is just one of many potential situations or combinations. But it’s one big drilling session played out with as many (or little) techniques and transitions as possible linked together. Or at least that’s the plan.

    Whenever I spar, there are so many times where I think “Argh! I could have done this!” or “Dang it! I could have done that…!” By making up my own situation (or better yet, remembering what happened in a previous sparring match) and using it to drill a submission or a pass or an escape, hopefully I’ll be able to capitalize on that technique when the opportunity presents itself the next time.

    Here’s to a new year of training!

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    1. January 4, 2009 10:32 pm

      I’m up for that scenario drilling next time we have a spare moment in the dojo.


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