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Teppo Ebi – Jan 5th

January 6, 2009

This isn’t the first training session of the year, but it’s the first at Teppo Ebi. I haven’t been able to train in Kurume for three weeks now and it was good to see everyone again, even though it was a small group of eight this time. Usually, it’s about twelve or more strong.

Drilled some passes with Brent that leave the option for the bottom guard to go to their knees and followed up those passes with chokes from the knees. Brent’s gotten to the point where he’s trying to figure out options from different positions, but it still puzzles him. Actually he was always like that, even from the beginning of his training.

I added several new weapons to his arsenal. All collar chokes. Brent really liked the simple super collar choke from back mount. I told him it was a high percentage choke and that it’s the one I always use if I get the back mount (which hardly never happens).

I gave some advice to Teppo Ebi’s version of BJ Penn, Kimura-san, saying that X-Guard and Rubber Guard are not positions to wait and relax in. And that I’ve seen him submit everyone in Teppo Ebi – myself included – if he works both guards and continuously look for sweeps and submissions. I have high hopes for Kimura-san. One day his game will take a huge leap and he’ll be very dangerous.

My wrist is giving me lots of problems and I decided not to spar when I made my way to Kurume. Then I remembered that I did make a jiu-jitsu resolution to roll if anyone asked me to… so sure enough Hiromatsu-kun and Morimatsu-san asked if it was okay. I told everyone that I was only going to roll light and made sure everyone was on the same page. I mentioned my wrist and how it hurts and asked them to please be careful. I also had a quick roll with Brent who wanted to work on his guard game so anytime I got to my knees he pulled guard.

Afterwards here’s what I noticed about me and my jiu-jitsu:

My “light” level is pretty tough
At the end of each roll my sparring partners were all breathing pretty hard. I wasn’t. I have either to thank my holiday workout sessions (twice a day) or the sparring sessions at Paraestra. Or both.

And I was pushing the action for all my matches.

Everyone kinda looked at me strangely after the rounds of sparring like “yeah, whatever mr. fakey wrist injury I’ll go light” and I tried not to notice it.

Rolling with an injury is fun!
Since I can’t post on my left hand at all, I had to make sure my base was pretty solid. So I didn’t get swept.

Each time I griped the gi with my left hand I made it count. Meaning as soon as I grabbed fabric, I did a technique. No lingering holds, no death grips. Grab, move, release.

Any choke that didn’t submit, turned into a sweep or I used to improve my positioning (by distracting) OR I simply let go. I couldn’t afford to hold on. My wrist wouldn’t let me.

Rolling with an injury sucks!
Sure, I wasn’t winded at the end of each roll, but I was wincing in pain from my wrist. Towards the end of each round I’d get caught in the moment of sparring and somehow block out the fact I was injured. When the match was over, my wrist would pleasantly remind me of its status.

I can’t push. I can’t base out. I can’t sitout. Sigh.

It makes me wonder if I didn’t have a bad wrist and could roll at 100%, how would that be? Especially when I come back to Teppo Ebi and find myself rolling at a diminished capacity but still able to dictate the pace.

Perhaps it’s wishful thinking and maybe I would have had a different entry than I one I’ve written here if I was in tip top shape. I doubt it though. If it’s not one thing, it’s always another with my slow progress in jiu-jitsu.

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