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Fifth out of Five – Best Blog 2008

January 8, 2009

The winner of the Fightworks Podcast Best Blog of 2008 is none other than Christian Graugart! And because I’m in Japan, 「おめでとうございます!」 It means “congratulations” if you don’t read the Japanesey.

I’m happy for Christian and Luke Chaya (who took second place). They put out amazing blogs and although I feel as if my blog is nowhere near their level, I am honoured just to have had my blog nominated for this past year’s contest. Everything following that was a perk.

I have a poll that, at the time of writing, had nine votes. The poll asked what makes for a good jiu-jitsu blog and the results are as follows:
4 votes – Lots of insightful, well-thought, entertaining and readable material
4 votes – Updated on a regular basis
1 vote – Lots of pictures

You can judge for yourself if that’s what the top five blogs had going for them. As for the winners…

Christian puts out an amazing blog with great and clear instructionals. Heck, some of the stuff he puts out, I use it! Thanks, Christian! He’s very encouraging when it comes to training – it shows in his posts – and his “flighthours” to mark his jiu-jitsu travels around the globe is a clever way to share the art. It makes me want to travel for jiu-jitsu too.

Luke’s BJJ Asia is a wonderful blog as well. I find it funny that it’s second place and one of the second place prizes comes from BJJ Asia. It does its best to serve the BJJ community as a doorway to the current status of jiu-jitsu in the area of the world I live in. It’s awesome because if I want to do travelling of a personal nature, I can pop on BJJ Asia as see if I can turn it into travelling of a jiu-jitsu nature ala Christian’s “flighthours” with the many jiu-jitsu schools and academies listed there. It’s a service that I highly appreciate. Thanks, Luke!

There is one thing that makes me want to do a little rant.

Where’s the voter turnout from the Best Blog of 2007?

2008’s voter count comes in at 182.

2007’s voter count comes in at… wait for it… over 700! And that’s just for the first and second place votes of 2007. What? Why the low turnout? Too global? (Denmark and Asia – Gah!) Too personal and smallpress? (Jiujitsu365, BJJgrrl, murawhaitsakiwho?! – Gah!) Not popular enough? (my fault) None of your favourites in the finals? (my fault again)

I voted. One of those mighty 182 votes is mine. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m really disappointed in the voter turnout.

Thanks to everyone who voted! Hopefully the other 500 or so voters from 2007 were busy training jiu-jitsu over the holidays to vote.

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  1. January 8, 2009 11:20 pm

    DAmmit! I thought you were going to have a real rant, for example about how Shogun HQ was pretty darn dry of posts for about half a year (if I remember correctly!)
    Yeah, what’s up with the lack of votes dude? I am sure they get hundreds of visitors a day… hmmm…
    Well done for getting nominated anyway dude, that means that Kid Peligro and others were reading your site, stroking their chins, then nodding and agreeing that it was awesome.
    Just got back from renshu… kitsukatayo! Can’t wait for Sunday!

  2. January 9, 2009 9:35 am

    Yeah, I thought about that for awhile but then it was more ‘meh’ than ‘grrr’.
    Yeah, that’s cool that the judges were like ‘hey this murisake guy’s not that bad’. Makes me smile.
    Yeah, looking forward to it too! Been resting my wrist up just for that. Hope it doesn’t flare up during training… one good thing is if it does then I’ll be camera-man!

  3. January 14, 2009 10:35 pm

    I’d assume it was a combination of hidden votes and the absence of Aesopian and Val, who can bring in a large readership to vote for them. Much prefer the system this time: in 2007, it was clear that either Aesopian or Val would take it, but this time, could have been any of the five. Best of all, no idea until the final day. 🙂

  4. January 15, 2009 1:19 pm

    True, they do have a massive readership. Almost every blog I visit has a link to either one of them or both.

    But, yeah, I liked 2008’s system too.

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