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Grappling Dummies vol.3 – FSGMV

January 9, 2009

Really late in posting it, but here’s the third episode of our very own BJJ TV, Grappling Dummies – A New Blue! Actually it’s the promotion of two white belts to blue. One of them much deserved, the other long over due.

The first guy is Yoshihara-san. He has a really great solid game. One of the few blue belts that I enjoy sparring with and don’t feel frustrated if things don’t go my way.

On his blue belt he had the official “OJJ” embrodery, his name in Kanji and something extra, the letters “FSGMV”. It was strange and hard to make out because they were in ye olde English lettering. Then when we all figured out what the letters were, we couldn’t figure out what they meant.

It was the second blue belt – who’s name escapes me now – that provided the answer to the “FSGMV” riddle. The letters stand for the Japanese phrase 不思議ムーヴ or “mysterious move”. And true to form the first time I rolled with Yoshihara-san, he’d pull off these sweeps or transitions that I had no idea how he did them.

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