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January 12, 2009

In a recent post from Rosi Sexton, she writes:

At the end of every day, you think back on everything that’s happened and you write down three things. First, something that surprised you. Second, something that inspired you. And lastly, something that moved you emotionally. That’s it. Give it a try and see what happens.

I’ve already started it and it’s easier than it looks. I’ll try to post up anything noteworthy or tied to jiu-jitsu.

And to start things off, here’s what I wrote for my first day at this, which was last week.

What surprised me:
Thinking that I was in the clear until 11:30, that’s when I thought the opening ceremony for the new school term would begin, I went to the computer room at my school to catch up on all things online. So at 11:00 I head back to the teacher’s office to find out that the ceremony was over (it started at 10:30) and there was a staff meeting going on, which I walked in on.

Embrassed? Yes. I totally misread the day’s schedule.

What inspired me:
The RDA PMA Experiment. It’s the online journal of a group of people who are using Roy Dean’s Blue Belt Requirements DVD as their curriculum. You can read Roy’s comments on one of their posted sparring matches here.

Now while I think it’s cool to be using the curriculum of an actual academy to train in jiu-jitsu (there are reasons why they can’t have someone else teach it to them) when you can’t have an official instructor present, that’s not what inspired me. The idea of recording their progress and reviewing it one year later did.

Obviously I’m kinda doing it now, in this blog of mine. But it makes me want to be more detailed in keeping track of my own progress and reviewing that progress, say, every two months.

I want to do something like a “level check” or whatever – where I record all the moves I currently like to do and videotape my sparring matches with key people who’ll give me a good indication of my skill level. Like recording a session with Tomari-sensei (cause he’s the BB), Ide-san (cause he’s the biggest purple belt), Matt or Sam (cause they’re both way taller than me – that gives me problems) and an athletic white belt.

What moved me emotionally:
Whenever I get an email from my girlfriend, Yoko. (陽子ちゃん、や~ほぉ!大好き!)

She gets me and still loves me dispite all my flaws. We’re like any other couple in a relationship. When we have problems we do our best to work through them. We do things that only we’d understand or find funny. And we don’t say it everyday, but we both know we love each other and sometimes we give a short message to one another before we head off to bed.

Lovey dovey? You betcha!

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