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Grappling Dummies vol.5 – OJJ

January 19, 2009

Episode V of Grappling Dummies BJJ TV!

When we first started Grappling Dummies, I was thinking “we’re gonna make instructionals, yeah!” Or “we’re gonna show off how badass we are in jiu-jitsu, yeah!” Thank goodness that didn’t happen!

Matt, being the creative genius he is, opted to have a grander, wider scope of things. And I couldn’t be more happy to be a part of it.

The video speaks for itself. Our journey in jiu-jitsu is about having fun and strengthening the bonds we create while we travel along.

And listening to a story about a show that included a skit which got me confused while we drove to the training session and finally figuring it (the story about the skit) out when I saw the interlude to this episode. Enjoy!

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