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Teppo Ebi – Jiu-jitsu Club No More!

January 28, 2009

Monday’s session came as a surprise to me and to everyone in attendance. Teppo Ebi is no longer a jiu-jitsu club.

That’s because it’s officially recognized as a jiu-jitsu academy baby yeah!! From the man himself Yuki Nagai. Heh heh.

Say is that a purple belt on the ground next to the certificate?

Here’s how my session went.

We started out late, about nine, with warm ups and a few drills. I paired up with Iizuka-san whom I dub the “toughest man in the room” whenever he shows up. He’s really the smallest guy in the room, but he’s got a great attitute about it. He gives it his all whenever he rolls no matter what and he picks up techniques fast!

We did armbar, triangle and sweep drills at first. Then we moved on to an 8 point transition drill that I picked up from Hakata. We went over it a few times to get Iizuka-san comfortable, then I told him to give me more weight and eventually added in some pretty strong resistance at the end of it.

Here are the sparring highlights

Iizuka-san (white belt, one weight class lower)
I rolled slow with him first with the goal to keep moving. He caught me with a clean armbar. Then I picked up the pace. I submitted him twice and he looked like he was gassed by the end of the round. Shimosako-san gave him pointers right after, I played grappling dummy.

Kimura-san (white belt, crazy flexible legs, same weight class)
I didn’t bother rolling slower with Kimura-san. His attacks come from crazy angles and his x-guard/rubber guard is getting tougher to deal with everytime we roll. I got to his back early and stayed there, trying to work my super collar choke. I have to think of different ways to enter that choke because everyone knows it’s one of my high percentage submissions.

Hiromatsu-kun (blue belt, two weight classes above)
What is it with me and blue belts? This was the second time I’ve rolled with a blue belt and had to stop several times because of the dangers of smashing (or smashed) into another sparring pair. As I was rolling with him I actually took note of why I couldn’t pass his guard early in the match – my grips were all over the place, I kept still, and I didn’t control his farside or block out his hips or went straight into his stiff arm defense. Towards the end of our match I actually passed and was working on a Kimura when time ran out.

Shimosako-san (top guy at Teppo Ebi, one weight class above)
For sometime I’ve been worried about Shimosako-san. I’ve been getting better thanks to my time at Paraestra Hakata and whenever I rolled with Shimosako-san it seemed like I was giving him more of a hard time than I should have been.

Let me put it this way. When I first came to Teppo Ebi, Shimosako-san was the man. His speciality was the triangle. No one was safe.

Then somehow towards the end of summer last year, he wasn’t performing as usual. People were submitting him right and left. He wasn’t finishing his submissions. His triangle was no longer a threat.

Up until last week it was kinda more of the same, which is why I didn’t post it. I don’t know. For me, it doesn’t feel like I’m learning anything if I don’t get my butt kicked. It’s the no-win challenge I like, which is why I like jiu-jitsu (being the small guy, I’m not supposed to win against a larger opponent – but sometimes I do).

All my worries and doubts were put to rest when I rolled with Shimosako-san this time. He’s back! And what’s more worse is he’s baiting escapes now! He caught me with two submissions linked from my escape attempts. It was great, because I basically ran head first into the submissions!

Afterward we shook hands, had huge smiles on and complimented each other on our performances (I caught his back twice and never gave up mine). Then I asked about one of the submissions he caught me with – side triangle. It’s hard to explain, but the set up for the side triangle is much like one for an omoplata and it’s hard to finish it. The only good thing about it is that it leaves the arm exposed for an armbar. I need to get pictures of it.

Anyway… the surprise of the night came from Shimosako-san. The purple belt in the picture above… it’s his! He got promoted! Purple belt usually means you’re able to officially teach a school so Teppo Ebi is now recognized as such. Yeah!


Everyone was so happy for him we had him take off his gi and walk down our gauntlet wacking congradulating him on finally getting his purple. おめてとうございます!

Yes, nut shots were included
No, I didn’t get photos of that

I’d like to say that Shimosako-san finally getting his purple means that accomplishing my own goals in jiu-jitsu will be right around the corner, but I don’t think that way. I have a long way to go before I even think I’m close to being promoted. I’m much more happy just having fun along the way.

Oh yeah, I got a haircut too

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  1. January 29, 2009 11:15 pm

    Wicked! Congrats to Shimokawa-san and the new dojo. What’s it called? Usually it’s Paraestra nantoka… Paraestra Teppo Ebi is a bit of a mouthful?!

  2. January 30, 2009 11:33 pm

    It’s the same. Still Teppo Ebi.

    But if I get an academy it’s gonna be the P-Dawg Paraestra Juicy Fried Ebi Jiu-jitsu.

    Always wanted to have “juicy” in there somewhere.

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