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Paraestra – Jan 27th

January 29, 2009

Sporting a new haircut, I went into Hakata and was greeted warmly despite the cold weather outside. I spotted Matt right away but something was amiss… he got a haircut too. I took off my beanie and we pointed at each others shiny scalps and smiled.


Phillipe (big dude, white belt – should be a blue, does Judo) showed up. I didn’t see him for awhile. Didn’t get a chance to roll with him. Perhaps next time.

Stayed in for over 6 minutes in the 10 minute round robin. Eventually got back in with 2 minutes left and stayed till the round ended. What I got out of that is if I really put some effort into my guard, I can sweep pretty much anyone my level or under. But I’d like to thank the “guard wins with either sweep, submission or by standing up” rule. It was easy to stand up when people picked up off the ground. Wanna train opening my closed guard while my opponent stands then immediately going for a Tai Otoshi or an ankle pick for next time.

I only sparred once. Was hoping to roll with Ide-san or Tomari-sensei, but that didn’t happen. Matt got to have fun with Tomari-sensei before Tomari-sensei called it a night. And Ide-san suggested I roll with a one-stripe white belt who’s in my weight class. I think the lack of blue belts (only me and Matt) at the class necessitated holding off on training and help to sharpen the blades of the white belts. That’s fun too.

*technique notes

We learned an oldie but goodie with a few more attacks if bottom side-control defends the primary attack. I won’t bother with going through the setup of the submission and only include the details that were stressed or I took notice of when drilling it.

Armbar on the farside arm from top side-control
Three pinch points on the farside arm – arm, chest and head
Before finishing grab the gi-pants to prevent escape

Farside armbar > Joint submissions – bottom side-control defends with grips
Lean over when changing hooking arms, grip on the wrist, pull up to stretch out opponent’s arms (this doesn’t break grips), work back and forth to break grips. Bonus: work opponent’s wrist like a motorcycle throttle. After grips are broken possible submissions are; Kimura, straight armbar, Ikkyo or Sankyo (wristlocks).

Farside armbar > Collar choke – bottom side-control defends with grips and pinches arms down
Hooked arm does a “stop” gesture, lift opponent with hooked arm, bring free arm around opponent’s head, grip collar. Stretch hooked arm up and to the back of opponent’s head to finish collar choke.

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