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Jiu-jitsu Health Check – Jan 2009

January 30, 2009

If you live in Japan, you might know the Engrish meaning of the phrase “health check” but I thought it’d be amusing to use it like this. Plus we all need a little health check now and again. ha ha. ahem.

My jiu-jitsu level as I see it at the end of January 2009. First post in what I hope to be a regular feature. Regular meaning every other month or quarterly. Would be nice to post video of me sparring with the people I will use as my own personal jiu-jitsu gauge.

Bottom (Inferior) Positions

My closed guard is pretty solid. But as soon as it opens, it sucks. Big time. People pass at will. I haven’t submitted anyone in my guard ever since I was a white belt. If my jiu-jitsu was a board game there’d be five or six big spots you could land on saying “automatically pass guard, two points”.

Ah, here we go. My bottom side-control is decent. I bump a lot more now than I did before to create the space I to escape. First it was me using as little bit of energy as possible but using the tiniest bit of space to my advantage. Then bottom side-control sucked. It was submission city. Fed up, I looked to find new ways to escape side-control. Now I have a very large list of side-control escapes. But it all comes down to the bump and creating the space – then I head back to guard or get to my knees.

I’ve got a poor bottom turtle. I’ll either give up my back or barely escape a submission attempt.

My mount escapes are quick. Probably my only saving grace from when I was a white belt.

Back mount
I have a weird mentality when I give up my back. It feels like I go into a lull. Not really fighting back, but not really giving up. I guess it had something to do when I was a white belt and everyone would body triangle me as soon as they get the back mount. There was really nothing I could do then. Now, I know a lot of attacks to the body triangle but it doesn’t solve the issue of getting out of the back mount. Probably why I got 2nd place in my division for no-gi.

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