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Jiu-jitsu Thoughts – Helio Gracie

January 31, 2009

Obrigado, professor…

I have a link, a connection, to Helio Gracie.

I’m a blue belt under Relson Gracie and because of that I’ve had the honour to hear stories about Helio. Mostly they were stories about Relson and his childhood and the trouble he would get into with his brothers and times when Relson would get his brothers out of trouble.

But the stories were really about Helio and what he’d do if he found out about what Relson or Rickson or Royler did. The stories were fun to hear, lighthearted and always captivating.

Relson always placed his father, ever the gentle disciplinarian, in a good light.

And in a way, we’re all a part of Helio’s story.

We’re all connected.

We don’t see the impact we leave behind, the lives we touch and move. But we do. It’s as simple as a smiling to a friend or a neighbor, or someone you’ve just met. Hugging a loved one, giving someone the finger or finding the strength to forgive.

Or giving handshake before a spar.

Or writing a blog about something that brings you joy.

Or paying tribute to the man who took Jiu-jitsu and made it his own.

I hope I can do that justice.

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