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From the Sidelines – Feb 3rd

February 5, 2009

I limped on over to Paraestra on Tuesday to show off my ever so stylish knee brace and to help out with the next episode of Grappling Dummies. As everyone was having fun training, I was the jiu-jitsu/shooto fly on wall filming every single thing that went on in class. Though I have to say I apologize for not getting one of our pro shooto fighters in action pulling off his leap over bottom turtle and securing an armbar on tape. Or on hard disk as it is.

It wasn’t as painful to see everyone else training and not be able to participate as I thought it would be. Although they did learn a nifty sweep that I would have loved to drill myself.

I did learn of a new way to shrimp though. For example: if I want to shrimp using my right leg (but I can’t because of my knee) I just use my left leg. Think about it for a second. Left leg on the mat, bring the foot up to the butt, put as much of it on the mat and push off on it. It’s not as strong because my foot isn’t planted on the mat, it does give me a greater angle to shrimp away.

Anyway the highlight of the night was giving Tomari-sensei an interview. I really enjoyed learning about his experiences in jiu-jitsu, his views and his dreams. I highly recommend everyone training in jiu-jitsu to spend a few moments with your instructor or sensei or coach and find out about their journey from when they started to now if you haven’t already. I’m sure it’s an incredible story.

As Matt and I were prepping for the interview, Tomari-sensei pulled out a few old magazines and showed them to us.


Tomari-sensei as a brown belt taking 3rd place at the Copa Brazil tournament. He looks happy.


Some of the magazines list competitors from all over Japan. No surprise, Tomari-sensei is in there. The above photo is when he was just promoted to black belt, I think.


The following is of Tomari-sensei’s trip to the Mundial in 2008. It’s unfortunate that he lost, but he couldn’t have done it any other way. He lost to the division champion, Caio Terra.


And finally, the big dogs of Tokyo. Yeah, that’s Yuki Nagai and Mitsuyoshi Hayakawa and my sensei in the front row. Hee hee. Would love to find out about the woman in the corner. Her story must be pretty amazing too. Ha, something else to ask Tomari-sensei about.

I can’t wait to see the interview with Tomari-sensei finished. He’s a great guy, incredible instructor and I’m happy to continue my jiu-jitsu journey under his supervision while I’m here in Japan.

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  1. February 5, 2009 9:10 pm

    Nice post.
    Yeah, it was great to find out more about him. I hope I can do it justice with the video. I hope I can make something special.

  2. February 5, 2009 9:28 pm

    Don’t worry, you’ll do an outstanding job. 😉


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