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What I Learned from Late Night Japanese TV

February 18, 2009

This is Nana Natsume. Oh, don’t worry, I’m on topic.


She was an AV star who recently retired from the porn industry. She is one of the few AV stars who’s been able to successfully venture into other sectors of the entertainment industry. She has her own radio show and business, is also a columnist and magazine article writer, and guest stars on TV programs.

Duomo is one of them.

Kyushu’s own late night TV show, Duomo showcases the slice of life here in Fukuoka and other prefectures on Kyushu. It focuses on food, fashion and the young, hip lifestyle with the occasional titillating attention grabber – like having a former AV star answer questions about sex from young women during Fukuoka’s largest Beauty Expo. I promise that was the first time I ever saw Nana Natsume. Really.

The other night, the producers of Duomo decided to do things a little different and have Nana Natsume learn Aikido throws.

AV star plus martial arts equals me staying up to watch.

It was not as naughty as it seems. Actually it was down right respectful.

Nana had her own gi complete with her name embroidered in red. And I’m not sure what it was, either my new found respect for Aikido or Nana’s winning personality, but I gave the techniques my utmost attention. I took down notes, making connections to other throws and takedowns I already know and began to write possible live scenarios to apply the techniques. I also immediately went online to search for examples of the throws I saw Nana perform.

See? I wasn’t making things up
From her blog which is SFW and in Japanese

I also have Nana’s inexperience in stand-up (I made a lame AV reference just now) to thank for pointing out mistakes in attempting the throws. Timing, body positioning, and posture were the qualities that Nana lacked when she first attempted them.

What’s even more exciting to point out (as if an AV star couldn’t be exciting enough) is that she performed the throws on three different people. The first person was someone who knew how to receive the throw. You know, the typical Uke who rolls at the slightest touch. Then the next two were people (regular Duomo cast members) who weren’t familiar with ukemi (breakfall) or had no idea what she was trying to do.

Because of that they gave her enough resistance to make her be aware of her timing and body position. Obviously they weren’t resisting 100%. It wasn’t a Judo match. It was a showcase of two techniques performed by someone not associated with athletic competition on people who didn’t want to be thrown but got tossed anyway.

The two techniques were Uki Otoshi and Koshinage. The following videos are the “best” examples of the throws I found so far. I will update this post with better videos or with the actual clip from Duomo if I can find them.

Uki Otoshi


Thank you, Nana Natsume and Duomo. And thank you late night Japanese TV in general. If it wasn’t for the usual combination of cheeky seriousness and strange off-the-wall presentation of material I probably would have never given the two throws the time of day.

Instead I have two more techniques that I didn’t have before and I learned it in probably the most entertaining way I could have late at night.

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