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kenny florian vs josh barnett

February 21, 2009

If you’ve been keeping track of what’s been happening in the world of MMA quarrels, you’d know that following Josh Barnett’s fight with Yvel, Kenny Florian had a stiff critique for the Babyface Assassin’s performance.

First it started here (16:15 mark), then the reply came.

Now it just keeps on going. Wee! Here’s the reply reply. And Josh’s reply reply reply is on page 8.

The gist of what the other posts are trying to say is that: commentary is a job – don’t take it personal, a BJJ BB is more than qualified to say if someone needs work on their groundwork, or Kenny needs a better nickname.

Me? I’m a big fan of Josh Barnett and would never think ill of him or of his badass grappling skill. Besides I live in Japan, where Josh also happens to be for a good portion of the year, and I’d be stupid to disrespect someone with the word “assassin” in his nickname.

UPDATE: apologies to all, the MMA Underground thread has been deleted.

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