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From the Sidelines – Paraestra, Feb 24th

February 24, 2009

I spent my free time at Hakata, had myself a good time, and even learned the techniques despite not being able to wear a gi and physically practice them. Hmm… IQ Jiu-jitsu at its finest.

But of all the sessions I’ve sat on the sidelines for this was the hardest to bear. During the sparring session as I shouted instructions to Sam I got caught up in it and had to fight back the urge to jump on in.



Had great conversations with just about everyone there. Shop talked with Sam and Matt (who was there for awhile as he was under the weather) and discussed headbutting small furry animals. Talked about everything from the stereotypes of countries to rehabilitation exercises with Tomari-sensei. OJJ duties for the next OJJ meet with Ide-san. And workout techniques with Kyohei-san and Yoshihara-san.

Got kinda upset with the guys that didn’t take the opportunity to spar during open mat. So I used the “shame-on-you” technique by saying out loud that if I had the chance I’d be sparring as much as possible. It got some of them revved up and ready to spar. But I think Tomari-sensei and Ide-san did a better job of berating them.

Taught Sam my money sweep. It was awkward with one leg straight, but with Ide-san’s help I think Sam got it. It makes me wish I could get my cast off sooner. Not because I want to get back into the swing of things as soon as possible, but because I want to help Sam, Matt and everyone else get competition ready. Even if it’s just being another grappling dummy to drill techniques on.

*Today’s techniques

Tomoe Nage from the guard
Straight Armbar from the guard
Straight Armbar defense
Sliding Knee pass

Since I already know these techniques I won’t bother with a full description and just write down the details I noticed.

Tomoe Nage
Momentum is created by sending opponent’s arms above head; in the same direction of the “throw”

Straight Armbar
Pinch opponent’s arm in-between head and shoulder > S-grip palm up/anchor arm palm down > pinch knee down on shoulder > crook of elbow just above/behind the elbow of the arm you’re submitting

Straight Armbar defense
Elbows in > curl arm in

Sliding Knee pass from half-guard
Keep opponent’s back flat on the ground > change grip from farside knee to farside sleeve, pull up > shift weight back, onto opponent’s legs/hips > plant free leg > kick trapped foot straight out to free it, should be effortless, don’t force it (or you’ll end up breaking your knee again)

Just another day of training

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