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Grappling Dummies Special – Tomari-sensei

March 3, 2009

Hi, I’m Patrick and this is the commentary for the Grappling Dummies BJJ TV Special – Tomari-sensei Interview. I’m the “guestion-asking dude” and I also did second unit work.

First, I’d like to thank Tomari-sensei for the opportunity to interview him, and have him share his stories and dreams with everyone else. Many thanks to Matt over at Martial Farts for carrying much of the work load and being the super creative guy he is. He served as writer, producer, editor and did all of the first unit work. And finally, thank you, dear viewer, for watching.

Uh… the initial project started off as an advertisement for Paraestra Hakata. Matt and I wanted to give something back to our school, aside from training there and representing it at tournaments, so we thought a commercial would be cool. The final product you see here is an expansion and greater focus on the interview section of our commercial concept. Despite our limitations, I feel we cranked out some pretty solid work.

As for the video, I think it speaks for itself. The content is incredible and interesting, for me anyway. I enjoy knowing more about where people come from, how was their journey so far and what they expect to go from here.

I’ll will also add in that not everyone can say they received their black belt from high profile people in the martial art they practice in. Not saying high profile instructors are better teachers than people who are lesser known. Not everyone can learn under a “gracie” and having that last name does not automatically make them world class instructors. Of course, in BJJ, to genuinely receive a black belt holds a special place, period.

Tomari-sensei, the tiny guy that teaches me jiu-jitsu, is a bit more lucky than your average black belt. Instead of being able to say that he got it from one high profile instructor, he can safely say with confidence he received his black belt from two instructors.

He is a Yuki Nakai and Leo Vieira black belt.

Incredible if you ask me. I don’t think I’ll never be able to say that or even have that happen to me. My lineage is pretty special already. I just wonder how it’ll turn out when I finally do wrap a shiny black belt around my waist.

There’s really nothing more to add. I was very happy to be a part of this project and look forward to more. And I hope you enjoyed this special edition of Grappling Dummies as much I had.

Again, thanks for watching.

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