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Teppo Ebi – March 16th

March 17, 2009

Yesterday I went over to “train” at Teppo Ebi. Didn’t really do much training wise.

The most important aspect of the session was me trying to stay in seiza (kneeling position) as long as possible. I stayed in it for about 30 seconds, which is as long as I can take it. Other than that did a mini-workout/rehab routine.

3 sets of:
5 Hindu squats
10 sec balance on one leg (right leg obviously)
10 “good mornings” (since it’s only body weight I bend over, touch the floor and start from there)

Inbetween the sets I did (one of following):
60 push ups
60 sit ups
60 “superman” (can’t wait to get my leg stronger so I can do bridges instead of this)

And then I did the typical forward, backwards and side rolls I usually do. Finished up with a headstand and shoulder stands.

Gave pointers here and there but nothing too coachy. I was actually tired from the mini-workout and my leg has that post-workout fatigue today. Which is kinda bad because it just means I can’t support my weight evenly between my legs, which in turn makes my left leg fatigue and I had classes to teach on the fourth floor (I had to take three trips up and down).

And when my leg is fatigued my knee aches/pops more than usual. Sigh.

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