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Teppo Ebi – March 23rd

March 24, 2009

Didn’t spar at full resistance. Didn’t really spar at all. My knee is not ready. My leg isn’t strong enough. I move strangely. Everyone noticed.

Drilled the palm up/palm down collar choke from the guard with Brent.

Went over the details of that choke with Oguni. Taught him the sweep that can be linked from that choke as well.

Played a game with Oguni going at full resistance. Or at least he was. We started from our knees. One of us could submit or sweep. The other could stand up. Both of us could pull closed guard. If any of the goals were accomplished by one of us that would make that person the “winner”.

I had lots of fun with that game drill. We’d switch rolls whenever one of us won.

The reason for the game was two-fold. To get a handle on how hard I could go (ha! I can’t even walk down stairs properly if that gives you an indication of how physically inept I’ve become) and to get Oguni (who is very much a newbie) to start thinking of options in certain positions.

When we started from our knees I gave him four options to choose from. When either of us “won” we’d reset because after sweeping, standing up or pulling full guard the “options” that are available (when actually sparring) would change.

This way I tried my best to explain and show him that when he spars he actually has a lot of options open to him even with his limited number of techniques. That each potion is a “game” with its own set of goals to meet.

I hope he got it.

Spent the rest of the session sitting on the sidelines (yet again), barking orders at everyone within an earshot.

I need to relax and still take it slow. I’m a little bothered that I’m nowhere near the level I want to be and that my knee injury has set me back. But, yeah, I need to take it easy. I definitely don’t want to re-injure my knee and never have it properly heal up then I’d never be able to train the way I did. And that’s something I really don’t want.

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