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Paraestra – March 24th

March 25, 2009

Now this is more like it!

Went back and took class like a normal able-bodied person who’s been practicing jiu-jitsu for a couple of years. Of all the warm ups I couldn’t do one of them – a baseball type slide which we’d finish by rolling up on our knees. It was the only warm up I sat out on.

The techniques Tomari-sensei went over were lovely grip breaks and sweeps from the (sitting) open guard. Nice!

For the sparring portion of the class I sat out the Round Robin. We start in closed guard and kneeling in closed guard is something I still have a problem with.

But for the most part, I was back and got a chance to actually roll for ten minutes. I’ll obviously be avoiding jerky white and blue belts until my leg/knee are stronger.


Rolled with Sam first. I told him to go easy and light, but still work for things and I’ll just react. And that’s all I could do with Sam. Even if I could it felt like I wouldn’t have been able to press the action with him. That wasn’t the case before as I remembered it.

I remember telling Sam during our roll, when he gave up way too much space, to put more of his weight on me. Dang, he’s heavy! And after that, I don’t think Sam let up, which was great! Plus there were lots of times when I tried to stop Sam from passing or try to escape, and he’d simply adjust and I’d be stuck in his side-control. Obviously I wasn’t performing at full capacity, but that isn’t the point. At a slower pace, Sam’s already a handful. When his timing gets sharper, he’ll be hard to deal with.

Afterwards I rolled with Matt. We went light and we kept exchanging positions – passing, escaping, sweeping, countering moves – lots of fun! As the round went on, Matt started playfully trying for submissions. I’d react at full speed then remind myself to slow down. What’s cool is Matt would match me when I leveled up and down. Nice!

I was done for the night when Matt and I were finished. There was a purple belt there (three of them actually) and he wanted to spar lightly with me. I asked my leg if I could, it said no. Definitely next time for sure.

Just listing them down for me. I wrote down the details of the techniques in my nifty jiu-jitsu journal which I carry with me wherever I go writing down techniques, obervations and jiu-jitsu thoughts when the mood strikes me.

From the sitting open guard:
Single grip pants break (submission type)
Double grip pants break (submission type > butterfly guard > transition to sweep)
Double grip on gi pants (plummel > double leg)
Double grip on gi pants (spider guard > multiple sweep options/de la Riva guard)

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