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Tales from the Instructor – Being a Blue Belt

March 27, 2009

Before class on Tuesday, Matt and I were lounging and talking about the upcoming competition.

Tomari-sensei said seeing us preparing for a tournament brought back the memories when he was a blue belt – for ONE YEAR.

Sheesh. But in an envious good way.

He mentioned that his tournaments as a blue belt were easy. He’d never lose a match. Swept his whole division. It was only when he became a purple belt that things got harder. The level of competion, the commitment to the school, the overall training… not so much fun as Tomari-sensei recalled. Being a blue belt, for him, was the most fun.

Come to think of it, I’m having the most fun too right now (when I’m training). And I can see why Tomari-sensei says being a purple changed the whole dynamic and how it’ll probably change for me. White belts already have their sites set on me because of my size and the blue belt around my waist. It probably will get more difficult for me when I eventually get promoted.

But a year as a blue belt? Wow, wish I was that good…

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