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On the mat happenings

April 22, 2009

Here are some recent tales of jiu-jitsu that fit more of the “it’s a small world” or “twilight zone” action.  Or “random bits of thought I put into a post”.

Met Joe the Boxer
There’s a new white belt who’s just been taking jiu-jitsu for about two weeks. He’s real strong, got good conditioning and his single leg takedown is quick.

His name is kinda hard to pronounce. Yuintaro or Youintaro. One of those. The funny thing is that his nickname is a simpler way of reading the kanji for his name – Joe. The actual romanized version is probably different from what I wrote but the pronounciation is the same. Joe.

Joe the boxer has been boxing for 8 years when he decided to give jiu-jitsu a try. His reason – wanted to try something different and he thinks the gi is cool.

Wish other athletes were as open to new different combat sports like Joe is.

Got Choked Out by a Smaller Peer
There’s a pretty large “white belt” who’s really a Judo black belt at Paraestra. He tools everybody. Gives Ide-san (purple belt) a hard time. He was rolling with a “white belt” (who’s also a pretty good Shooto player) around my weight.

So the bigger Judo black/jiu-jitsu white belt was smashing and having his way with the smaller Shooto guy when – in a blast of Shooto speed – the smaller guy got the back mount and choked out the bigger man.

Chalk one up for the little guy.

It’s a Small World Dontchaknow
At the school I’m currently teaching English at one of the English teachers is married to someone I know.

In Jiu-jitsu.

I dubbed him the Big Jolly Blue Belt, because rolling with him is fun. He rarely uses his strength against me and still manages to tool me. Yea. Now I know his name. Matsuo-san. Cause his wife is Mrs. Matsuo and she’s a cool girl.

Small world indeed.

Wait, Was that a Sweep?!
Purple belt, and most non-athletic looking, Ayakawa-san is entering the same competition as me but in the no-gi tourney.

Saw him do pass guard drills with the Shooto Instructor, Kyuhei-san (who is heavier, stronger and probably more experienced in no-gi grappling), and Ayakawa-san pulled off several sweeps that made everyone go huh?including Kyuhei-san himself.

At best, from what I saw, all the sweeps were from half guard and were performed with little effort. Ayakawa-san is the very model of on-your-back jiu-jitsu calmness and to see him do sweeps like a hot butter knife through room temperature margarine is something I wouldn’t mind emulating.

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