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The Ultimate Martial Art

April 23, 2009

Chose a quote and watch the nsfw clip below.

“Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.”
-Sun Tzu

“You can call it the art of fighting without fighting.”
-Bruce Lee in Return of the Dragon

“First learn how to use this (points to head) before you can use this (motions to sword).”
-Uncle to Mel Gibson’s childhood character in Braveheart

Taking a breather from jiu-jitsu, as I’m getting ready for the competition this weekend, I ran into the previous clip. It reminded me of the training I had back home in Hawaii with my friends.

Some of them were law enforcement officers. Others were bouncers or state champions in their respective martial art. All of them had real world experience in street fights and violent encounters. I had the benefit of their pool of knowledge and they all taught me what they knew.

One of my favorite training sessions was similar to the situation in the clip. Law enforcement officers – lets not forget bartenders, bouncers and basically any job dealing with creeps as well – are trained to approach a highly uncooperative subject and try to have them be compliant first through verbal means. We were helping one of our friends – who is now one of Hawaii’s finest – develop those skills.

We set up shop in an empty house/makeshift training facility and were armed with airsoft handguns. Airsoft are mock firearms that shoot plastic bb pellets with compressed air – thus airsoft, more like airhard because it really hurt to get hit by those bbs. Ha! Made gun disarming techniques more realistic and more fun too. Ah, the memories…

We’d all take turns roll playing, usually that of a drunk (or on drugs) angry guy with different issues (some of us got fired, others lost our girlfriend or wife, a few of us got both) and we’d all have to be talked down. Or at least tried to be talked down. I think we made a day of it; drinking (so yeah, some of us were really drunk, easy to get into character), having a bbq, and playing a few airsoft games after the training session.

My friend did really good. He talked me down, pretty easily, the first time. The second time I was given a character that was bent on just shooting everyone in site. I got shot in the chest as I shot my two friends (guy training and his mock police back up partner) in the leg and head.

The fun part was role reversal where I became the police officer on point and had to talk down everyone else. I remember shooting my other friend without so much as a hello because he had that evil look in his eye. Turns out he got the “just kill ’em all” character. Good for roll playing, bad for police officers.

I have to say it was really really difficult to do verbal jiu-jitsu on someone with an axe to grind. Especially for me. I was – probably still am – a quiet reserved person. Dealing with people like that takes an incredible amount of skill, talent or experience. It can be learned though, I was taught it, probably super rusty now – especially being in Japan.

I was taught to be smarter, to be aware, to walk away or give up that material thing they want, it can be easily replaced. I was also taught, of course, when someone irreplacable to me is in danger that only then will whatever force of nature my friends trained me into gets released – whoosh, whoosh indeed!

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  1. April 23, 2009 9:00 pm

    That vid is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week. Much thanks…

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