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Kung Fu Ninja Fighting – favorite martial art films pt.1

May 1, 2009

The first in a whole group of posts that have either a little bit to do with jiu-jitsu or not a whole lot. This one is a Bit Off Topic.

Most people that enjoy martial art movies – like myself – and know about the Shaw Bros – Kung Fu movie company that released a ton of films in the 60s to the 80s – will probably site The Five Deadly Venoms as their favorite Shaw Bros flick.

Not me.

Hands down it’s got to be FIVE ELEMENTAL NINJAS. Or Chinese Super Ninjas as it’s more popularly known in America. Go figure.

It’s an incredible piece of work. The fight scenes still stand the test of time – most good Shaw Bros films do. The storyline has HUGE plot twists, so much it made my head spin the first time I saw it – I was eight at the time – and, to someone who’s never seen it, they’re shocking even today. There’s your exploitative scantily clad Japanese cutie – obviously played by a scantily clad Chinese cutie but try telling that to a pre-teen version of myself – and, of course, ninjas!

But for the most part Five Elemental Ninjas holds a special place in my heart – as do the other films I plan on posting about afterwards.

Aside from the scantily clad cutie, totally awesome action sequences, a significant lesson to be learned – preparation is key if you want to take on any challenges in life or the evil ninja leader who killed your clan – the movie brought to light the fact that:

1) there are ninjas running around in the world and, more importantly,
2) not only China, but other countries (in this case Japan) have a martial culture as well.

It was quite the revelation to me. Little did I know how much of an effect this film would have influencing my tastes for high kicks, ninjas and combat fighter goodness. Only after compiling my list and looking back at it all I can see how it all fits and how all my favorites compliment each other.

I have respect for both, but at the time I couldn’t decide what was cooler – kung fu or ninja assassins. Now I know better.

Nothing beats a Chinese super ninja.

Honourable MentionMaster of the Flying Guillotine

Now that’s a title I wouldn’t mind being known for in grappling circles. Master of the Flying Guillotine, though not on my top ten list, it’s worthy a bit of a mention. The fight scenes and the premise is over the top – I was barely a toddler when it was released – but it, like Five Elemental Ninjas, has a host of international baddies which shows that fighters of all countries can be just as evil too.

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  1. May 6, 2009 10:18 am

    my personal favourite:
    Warriors 2
    The Prodigal Son.
    Sammo Hung and Wing Chun all the way!!

    • May 7, 2009 9:59 am

      Yeah, Sammo Hung is another totally underused and underrated action star. He’s one of my faves too!

  2. September 29, 2009 5:35 pm

    Hi!! Your post on Kung Fu Ninja Fighting is really interesting and informative.

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