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Jiu-jitsu Thoughts – short term goals

May 8, 2009

In an effort to stay on topic once in awhile and not bore you with reviews or summaries of my favorite martial art movies – more on the way if you’re looking forward to it, if not you’ve been warned – here are my short term goals.

Enjoy Myself
Hard to believe but after the tournament I gained two kilos in about a week. It’s usually really hard for me to pack on the weight so I’m surprised. Also since my evenings are free now that I’m not going to practice I’m going spend them playing Final Fantasy III for the Nintendo DS, watching DVDs, studying even more Japanese, brushing up on my photography skills – now that I have a camera that I can really mess with the settings – and snacking a lot. My favorite snacks now are apples and monterey jack cheese, yaki tori, and Tim Tams with milk.

Strength and Flexibilty
When my knee does get all healed up and better, I’m not setting foot on the mat until two things happen:

1) I can do one leg pistol on my right leg
2) I have the same level of flexibility in both legs

When I meet those two requirements I’m gonna train balls out crazy – whatever that expression means. Everyone had better watch out when I get back.

In the meantime, I’ll be happily snacking and figuring out what job to place my FFIII characters in when I’m entering the underwater hidden temple.


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