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The Road So Far

October 14, 2009

My leg in Bionic Ninja mode – unfortunately adds -5 to ninja sneakyness

Cue “Wayward Son” by Kansas.

It’s been two months since my ACL/meniscus surgery. Obviously I’m still not training.

I was told a horror story by my doctor. A patient of his made an excellent recovery and was cleared to pursue a higher level of activity. He was helping his friend chop down a tree, carried a portion of it on his shoulder, turned to look behind him when his friend called him, twisted his knee and re-tore his ACL. I’m pushing my back my jiu-jitsu activities two months after I get cleared my my doctor.

I have been “studying” jiu-jitsu now and then though. Bought a new book that shows off Kempo Karate. It shows off the standard “punch-kick” routine all martial art books typically showcase. I got it because it devotes a large section to wristlocks.

For some reason I can understand wristlocks better and I’m seeing possiblities for them in all sorts of positions – stand up or on the ground. I just can’t test them out or practice them yet.

I am behind in my rehab. Strength wise I can do squats and lunges slow and easy. In terms of my range of motion and mobility, it sucks. I still limp and walk way too slow for my Physical Therapist – Aono-san – taste. Last session he made me take off my brace, went behide me and pushed me till I was walking briskly. After months of moving at a snail’s pace it felt like warp speed to me. I can’t run or jog yet, but I shouldn’t be limping or walking slow either.

I should also be able to bend my knee until my ankle is one fist away from my butt. Last rehab session, a week ago, it used to be five-fists away. Now it’s three-fists. I have two more to go before my next rehab session in three weeks.

One of the reasons I’m behind on my rehab – besides the pain factor – is that I never knew I had a new goal to work for.

First it was just barely walking, then making sure I didn’t fall down or get my leg wet. Then it was getting my leg strong again. I knew I had keep bending my leg as much as possible, but to what extent I had no clue. I do now.

I suppose that’s one thing to keep in mind going through injury recovery or even just plain old training. There is a goal to be met. Make sure the goal is known. And to never stop until that goal is reached no matter how difficult it may be.

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  1. October 16, 2009 3:43 am

    Don’t be discouraged, “my pace my pace” right?

    Probably a good idea to put off the BJJ. Build those legs up to monster trunks of musculature that can stand up to any punishment first.

    • October 16, 2009 12:39 pm

      Yeah, totally. I want Marcelo Gracia legs and Andre Galvao’s jumping-on-a-balance-ball ability before I even think about training.

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