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Getting Above 85% – Jiu-jitsu Comeback

December 2, 2009

Every great journey must begin with a simple step. This is mine. My Jiu-jitsu Comeback.

I’ve Become Hosoi-Macho
I went to Emoto Clinic yesterday and they ran a weight/body fat/body muscle test on me.

I’m 62.1 kg. My waistline is 81 cm and I have 22.9% body fat, which means I’m fat. Really? My visceral fat number index is 75. 80 is the beginning of the “health warning” area. Supremely bad is over 100.

This says I'm fat. Or that I need to roll 6 or better on a d10 to avoid my next injury.

The good news is that my body muscle number index is 6. The number 8 means you’ve got muscles a poppin’ outta ya body – in which case you’d be “macho” here in Japan. Most guys in Japan are non-athletic (basically means all of them) and sport a muscle index of 4 or 5. These guys are as thin as my right leg.

I maybe “fat” but I still look thin. Thin means “hosoi” in Japanese. And that concludes today’s Japanese lesson.

In terms of my all-around strength it’s safe to say I’ve gone up a few levels. I’m able to do a proper bridge (on my head) for a minute, do 40 pushups and 60 sit-ups straight. Not bad considering a few weeks ago I gassed on 10 pushups and 20 sit-ups. I can also do a 4 meter rope climb, yeeha! Yes, the cowboy in me takes over whenever there are coiled textiles to climb.

Anyway, it takes me a lot of effort to climb that darn rope though.

What I Really Want to Do is Yoga Fire
I always knew I was going to venture into yoga one day. It makes sense considering that country that India also had their own crazy style of grappling. I’m doing yoga to help speed my recovery along. It’s not as aggressive as the conditioning for Indian wrestling, something which I don’t plan on doing anytime soon.

I have Nao (the lovely wife of Grappling Dummies very own, Sam) to thank for that! She’s my unofficial yoga sensei for the time being. Eventually, I’ll need to work on my flexibility and strength, and that’s where yoga comes in.

In the booklet Nao gave me to study, there’s this one exercise called the “knee crank” and I couldn’t help but smile. Sigh… you know you’re a grappler when you see the word “crank” and immediately think submission. I envisioned placing my knee in a neck crank type of maneuver, which probably wouldn’t be beneficial at all.

My Leg Can(not) Kick Ass!
The goal is getting above 85%. Before I can start conditioning my body to prepare myself to get my right leg ready before I begin training like a madman doing the jiu-jitsu – wait, did that make any sense – my leg must be able to perform above an 85% level of strength. Or get as close to 100% as possible.

the high tech equipment used to measure leg strength ver.1

By wrapping the blue belt and sensor around my foot, and telling me to extend my leg as much as possible, the little box in the basket measured my ability to push in kilograms. Exactly how I’m not sure. Japanese magic perhaps?

My left leg – being the standard of measurement – via leg extension, can perform an output of 44.8 kg.

My amazing thrice-injured-undergone-surgery right leg, via leg extension, can perform the mighty output of 27.4 kg!!!! Yeeeeeah!!!!

That is about a… um… 60% performance level for my right leg? Someone check my math, I’m an English teacher. Plus, I guesstamated.

Lose fat, keep weight, get stronger and more flexible, don’t over do it… Jeez, I got a lot to work on.

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