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Han Solo – Jiu-jitsu Role Model

February 2, 2010

I totally want this as a gi patch

As a kid I remember wanting to be Luke Skywalker. He had the cool laser sword, mystical Force skills, got to kiss the girl and blew up the Death Star.

Now, I’m slowly realizing how wrong I was. Han Solo is soooo much more badass than Luke.

So what if Han doesn’t have a laser sword or Force powers. Unlike Luke, Han never gets his hand cut off or find out he’s related to a mass murderer.

On top of that at the end of the trilogy Han gets the girl, saves Luke’s life twice and assists in blowing up two Death Stars. Oh, those three Tie fighters that were following Luke at the end of A New Hope, one of which had a Dark Lord of the Sith as a pilot, yeah, Han got rid of all three AND did it all without the nifty Force. Boo-to-da-YA.

What does Luke get at the end of the original trilogy? Dark Side Electrocution, a burnt Vader suit, three Jedi spirits smiling at him and creepy flashbacks of kissing his sister. Yeech.

Gets the Job Done
Throughout the series, Han finds himself way in over his head. Trapped in a Death Star, outnumbered and chased by Star Destroyers, captured and locked outside the station he needs to blow up on the forest moon of Endor. To him it’s all in a day’s work.

He doesn’t really complain. Sure he’s got other problems to worry about – like a bounty on his head or a sub-zero blizzard environment – but he pulls through and does what needs to be done. Kinda makes an extra set of triangle drills or one more round of sparring easy huh?

Not Afraid of Shooting First
In the Mos Eisley Cantina, after Han is left alone, a bounty hunter named Greedo approaches with blaster in hand. Han calmly sits down, unholsters his weapon under the table and – without hesitation – makes Greedo extra crispy.

But that’s not even my favourite Han Solo Shoots scene.

After Han and crew get the okay to land at Cloud City, he and the Princess and Chewie get invited to dinner by Lando. Everyone casually goes about their day, not a care in the world – except for getting the Hyperdrive on the Millennium Falcon fixed. They all enter the next room and freaking Darth Vader stands up to greet them.

Han doesn’t even think about it – there is no doubt, no questioning it. His motivation is to Shoot Vader Dead. He draws his blaster and fires FASTER than Vader can use his lightsaber for protection. Without the Falcon to even the odds – like it did the first time they encountered each other – Vader won their rematch confrontation.

The point is there was an opportunity and Han went for it. See a chance to sweep or submit – don’t waste time thinking about it, just go for it.

Just Cocky Enough
Here’s the set up: Han has just learned his old friend Lando has betrayed him. His new friend Luke is on his way heading into a trap. His buddy Chewbacca has a life-debt and would rip several Stormtroopers in half but would eventually die trying to save him so Han tells Chewie not to worry about him and, more importantly, to protect his girl. Han’s about to be frozen in carbonite so he gives his girl, Princess Leia, a passionate kiss. Leia tells Han that she loves him.

With his friends and himself facing an unknown fate with the Empire trimphant, Han’s answer to Leia is: “I know.” And he steps right on in the freezing chamber without batting an eye.

The next time I head into a tournament I’m pulling a Han Solo and tapping into my inner dashing rogue.

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